After his grandfather`s death he decided to continue this old tradition in both eastern and western business cultures. With intensive study and practice in training at the “Youth Home for Artists” at Teheran he managed to win the annual award for artists – at youth theaters in 1972 -  in close collective work with the successful theater group under direction of the famous performers Jadi Tak Rustai. Three years later he was at Teheran Theater – chair man ship in a Persian folks – piece “laughing and crying” as the best actor of youth. There he was rated as excellent.

1976 a possibility opened up for him, at the university, of Teheran to study philosophy, political science, educational theory, so he began this studies. While he became a graduate of the above named studies he kept busy as a working student, further as a practicing artist working together with established artist groups in a national popular art and style. And children’s programs like films show festivals. He gained public artistic approval by large audiences. Due to the extreme Islamic politics, he underwent national punishment many times.  His appearance in the classic theatre piece “the crazy one”  in 1984 got him a coveted television award.

The life threatening political situation of the regime in Iran forced him in 1985 to leave his home country, and he went to west Germany to make a new existence for himself. In this totally new environment he was soon able to find good development possibilities with the help of new friends from the artist´s scene. After many years of career preparation in the area of magic illusionist and culture he qualified to become a permanent member of the magical circle of Germany in 1995.

That had opened him the best perspectives for the practice of this artistic talents in these special areas.

The new European work area inspired his born artistic creativity and awaked in him the lust and inclination to make experimental appearances in modern dramatic presentation forms. In close cooperation with the audience he unfolded his artistic talents in solo performances.

And that`s why you should experience Hossein as a magician, clown, actor, Charlie Chaplin (double), Santa Clause and much more in his stage show.

Then: His life is art, like art is his life                                 Dr. Hans Lehmann

Hossein Samadzadeh was born on 31 May in Teheran (Iran).

His family knowing that he is smart and full of the joy of living sent him to Isfahan to be responsible for and take care of his grandfather whom they worried about. In Isfahan his grandfather was a well known and beloved successful artist. From this performer`s traditional model Hossein learned a high level of entertainment artistry as a story teller, clown illusionist and magician in early childhood.

    art is my life, like my life is art  










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