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High spirits have came to the hospital station, not only for the kids that he visits, but also by the adults, by nurses, by Doctors and very important by the parents and family members.
In the meantime therapy is taking place with Clown-Doctors, more than just a playful change. They promote motivation and readiness directly by extreme illness or accidents in order to open individuals for the good things in life. The patient will feel less isolated, thus creating new strength and stimulates his good health.

Dr. Clown Parastu as Visitor

Laughing is a born expressive condition of people, that not only, but above all in partnership with others it will display positive results. Laughing is the natural reaction of a person from funny or cheerful situations. It brings about relief as a reaction to overcoming danger or helps to prevail over fear.
The picture shows the magician Parastu as Charlie Chaplin.











Medical and therapeutic aspects of laughing

Medically it is accepted guaranteed, that laughing or cheerfulness positive supports, ongoing therapy in that stress is dissolved and the general health situation of the patient is made better.
Especially children will be happy about Dr. Clown visitor. Also older people will profit from his funny, appearance, in that the daily hospital routine gets a welcome constructive change.






Visits also in an old folks home




Dr. Clown visits bed ridden seniors that seldom could take part in remaining social life.
He speaks and sings with them, plays, does magic and concerns himself with their amusement.

Laughing is a real center of health and stimulates self-healing-strength. Artistic and psychologically educated Clowns can give courage to face life, strength, and stimulates can vales cense in hospitals.

After positive experience in pediatric clinics Dr. Clown Parastu con ducts visits also regularly in old folks homes. First experiences have shown that seniors can also be inspired by him.

Again and again he has proven his versatility and experience as communications artist on stage domestically and in foreign countries.
Frequently he uses people from the audience in his performance, when it gets to the border of reality and I will illusion as they will be left blended.We are convinced, that Dr. Clown visitor has an unparalleled entry to the minds of children.
He brings you back to a state where by you can laugh again, and the ability to have courage to face life. Laughing strengthens the immune system.

Internationally known, and many awards for being a magician, Illusionist, Children show master and imitator of Charlie Chaplin.

The day you donĀ“t laugh is a lost day!




























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