Santa Claus / St. Nick





Principally the classic Santa Claus is employed for example as a St. Nick appearance. Our appearance should be fun for you and should stay, with you as a good memory. That`s our wish and goal. You book us for a determined date, of your wish and agreements. We come to your private, social club and company parties. We surprise your family members, your fellow workers, your boss, your social club members, your customers and all people that still believe in Santa Claus.






Are you looking for a professional Santa Claus for your successful festivities? Then you came to the right place. Surprise your customers with a not everyday professional appearance. Let your Christmas gifts be distributed in an impressive way. At your wish I can also draft some individual poems. Actors come to you, which are all educated artists and are real Santa Claus`. –we`ll develop with you every appearance on an individual basis.  After your concrete presentation wishes. Gladly we can give you some suggestions; after all we have lots of experience.

Your booking questions:

Telephone and Fax number:  + 49 (0)6221-785013


Here we always need from you the following information:
Appearance region,
Appearance date,
Appearance time,
Appearance city (complete address)
And about how many participants children and adults.










Were your kids always well behaved? Did they do something special? Or were there a few things that mad you as parents angry?

We will come gladly to your home, to surprise your kids!



Family parties

In agreement with your wishes I`ll visit you at your home and give young and old their gifts.Santa Claus has years of experience with many appearances by happy children and adults.































صفحه نخست شعبده بازی برنامه بچه ها چارلی چاپلين دکتر کلان نمايش تبليغاتی هتل،کاباره بابانوئل زندگی هنری  

گالری عکس


کمک و همياری



نمايش جديد

سمينار هنری آدرسهای اينترنت ارتباط با ما نقاشی صورت